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Pregnancy Progress: Nine (9) Months Of Change


As pregnancy progress, a woman’s body changes in many ways. The nine months of pregnancy progress are divided into three trimesters. Each trimester is a little different. The first trimester is the most crucial time in the development of the baby. The baby’s brain, spinal cord, heart, and other organs begin to form. The second trimester is a time of rapid growth.

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The baby grows from about the size of a peach to the size of a watermelon. The third trimester is a time of continued growth and development. The baby continues to grow and gain weight. The lungs mature and the baby starts to practice breathing.

But that is not all the below information will break down the three trimesters of the nine months of pregnancy for a better understanding which you can find below :

Pregnancy Progress: Nine (9) Months Of Change

The below nine months of pregnancy are divided into three trimesters just like I said earlier. you can find the information below :

First trimester(1-12 weeks)

  • your breasts become bigger/ and tingly.
  • you may urinate more frequently.
  • you may have salivary in your mouth more often.
  • you may feel like vomiting.
  • you may like or dislike certain foods.
  • you may feel tired easily and sometimes feel faint.

Second trimester (13-26 WEEKS)

  • You may have more appetite/will gain weight.
  • your tummy begins to show.
  • you may have slight pain in your lower abdomen.
  • A dark line will appear in the middle of your tummy.
  • you will begin to feel your baby move after five months(kicking).
  • Digestion will slow down with some constipation and heartburn.

Third trimester (27-40 WEEKS)

  • You can feel your baby stronger.
  • You can feel more tightening of your abdomen with slight pain.
  • You may have stretch marks on your abdomen.
  • Your breasts become heavier and contain slightly yellow fluid.
  • You may have shortness of breath as your abdomen gets bigger.
  • You may feel more tired /have sleeping difficulty.
  • You may gain more weight.
  • In the last week, the head of the baby descends into the pelvis. (lightening


The above Pregnancy’s Progress will differ from woman to woman, some may experience different symptoms during their trimesters.

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