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Freelancer Jobs in Ghana: Platforms To Monetize Your Skills Freely


Freelancer jobs in Ghana are tremendous and offer opportunities for individuals looking to make extra money online. Instead of waiting endlessly on the Government for a job opportunity, you get your foot in the door by monetizing your skills to get paid in dollars here in Ghana. You can find diverse online job options through major freelancer websites, including web design, copywriting, voiceovers, social media management, etc. Who knows? You might be interested in working on some of the opportunities on these platforms full-time down the lane.

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Best Online Platforms For Freelancer Jobs in Ghana

With some of these online platforms, you need an hour or two a day to earn. So, this is also good for anybody who wants extra income. You can make as much as $500 to $1000 a month on some of these platforms. Without being said, let’s get started:

1. Fiverr

This is one of the best freelancing websites that offer services at a fraction of the cost of traditional businesses. You can find almost everything from a custom logo design to a voiceover artist. We rated this freelancer platform first because there are tens of thousands of services on Fiverr, so there is bound to be something that meets your needs. With a determined mindset, you can make so much money monthly from this website without going from office to office.


Aside from Fiverr, Upwork has been a great and supportive platform since I began working online. With the help of research from YouTube and Google, I got my profile approved and started monetizing my skills. It is no longer news that Upwork is a website that allows people to find jobs and contracts from others. If you are looking for a temporary or a longer-term position, this is a great place to start selling your skills. The website also has a great search engine that makes finding a job or contract easy. It also has a user-friendly interface that makes finding and applying for jobs easy.


This is another website that connects freelancers with skills to clients. Using their platform for some months now confirms it has well-organized resources for finding work to sell your skills. One great feature of the Freelancer platform that makes its services stand out is its system for tracking projects and an easy payment system. Overall, Freelancer is user-friendly for finding work and connecting with clients.

4. Contena

If you are into the writing of articles or any form of writing gigs, then Contena is the best choice you can go for because of the site for Writing Professionals.

5. Blasting News

Blasting News is a freelancer writing website like Contena but was launched in 2013 in Italy for journalists that operates in about 34 countries. This platform has over 513,000 writers. If you are interested in any writing gigs and want to get a decent payment for your writing skills, you can join Blasting News. 

6. List verse

Listverse is a great website built on everyone’s efforts. You don’t need any experience as a writer to get paid. You need to have English equal to that of a native speaker, a sense of humor, and a love for things unusual or interesting. The website pays you up to $100 for submitting your lists.

7. Truelancer

Truelancer is one of the less competitive Freelance Marketplaces, with over 600,000+ Freelance professionals Globally. If you want the perfect platform to start selling your Gigs quickly without much competition, consider joining Truelancer.

8. FreelancerCareers

If you are a journalist, copywriter, or poet looking for an online writing side job, FreelancerCareers is the best platform to pay for your brainchildren over the World Wide Web. The website is a great place to find all kinds of writing jobs online and cuts the risk factor significantly. You can join by creating an account on the website. 

9. PeoplePerHour

This platform has been in the system since 2007. It features a lot of freelancer jobs in Ghana anyone can do, from technology and programming to writing and translation, designing, digital marketing, video photos and images, and the rest. You will see trending services when you click on the gigs available on the platform. For example, in the video and images section, people charge $10 to $20 to remove the background in pictures. One exciting part of this website is that you can quickly get your first gigs because of its competitive rate of getting clients.

10. Kwork

Kwork is an excellent website with Professionals who have been in the system for a while. Many feature jobs, including Designs, SEO service, Marketing, etc., have been featured on the platform; if you have any skill, you can Monetize it by posting it on Aside from posting gigs, you can join its affiliate program to earn extra money for inviting friends to join. You will earn up to 6% per transaction for your referral deposit.

11. Crowd content

Unlike other freelancing websites, crowd content promotes writers who perform well, motivating those who consistently deliver reliable quality. If you are into writing gigs, consider this website for monetization of your skills. Their platform also offers powerful tools and expert writers that enhance any business’ content process. You can research this website and join.

12. HubPages

This freelancer website is another reliable platform for writers, you can add this website to your list of freelancing sites.


15 Ghana is a Ghanaian-based freelance marketplace for services that connect creative minds with a wide range of freelancing gigs like Influencers, creative designers, photographers, artisans, video editors, and graphic designers. If you are searching for freelancer jobs in Ghana, is your top choice.

This is mainly because they pay directly into your mobile wallet, which is incredibly convenient. Moreover, I appreciate that this platform has referral programs like Fiverr and This means that you can earn a commission for each person you refer to join their community. So not only can you make money by working on the platform, but you can also earn extra income by referring others to join.


Some of these platforms pay in dollars. So, as some websites specify, you might need a PayPal account or other means to receive payment. If you don’t have a PayPal account, You can learn How To Create one here.

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