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Work Online And Get Paid Through Mtn Mobile Money


Are you looking for ways and means to work online and get paid through mtn mobile money in Ghana? If your answer is yes, continuing reading this article to the end will give you an insight into how you can work and get paid via Mtn Mobile Money.

There are so many legitimate things you can do on the internet in Ghana and get some extra cash into your pocket, and we have taken the time to compile and research a list of tasks that will pay you through mobile money.
I will guide you through a working and tested strategy that pays me daily for working on the internet and getting my pay via Mobile Money services here in Ghana.
These lists of jobs are less competitive jobs that anyone can do to get money using their mobile devices, laptops, and an active internet connection.

To be honest, making money online is not as simple as it sounds here. It takes time and effect to make decent money.

But you can indeed make 100 to 200 cedis daily! All you need is a tremendous amount of effort, which is worth it. Below is a list of jobs online jobs that will pay through mobile money services here in Ghana without a degree in any field

Online Jobs That Pay Daily In Ghana

1. Escrow Group On Whatsapp :

work online and get paid through Mtn Mobile Money

You can set up a group on Whatsapp and trade cryptocurrencies or digital products like Data, Ebook, other online services, etc. In the group. This method has been one of the sources I make money online using my Whatsapp account.

To set up a platform like this, you must be honest and truthful to your group members, or you may lose your WhatsApp members. Now let me explain how this works.

What is Escrow?

Escrow is a legal holding account where items (money or property) can’t be released until both parties meet all conditions.

So in other to run this business well, you first need to be honest and reliable, as I said earlier. You will also need a merchant sim card to run this platform smoothly.

So, for example, if Kofi wants to purchase any digital item from Ama, Kofi will have to pay you as the admin of the group with escrow charges from both parties.

On my Escrow group on WhatsApp, after both parties have agreed on what they are trading, each trader pays 2 cedis each as escrow fees.

I make 4 cedis as profits any time two parties make a trade on my escrow group and remember, merchant sim cards are entitled to no charges when sent to subscribers.

Aside from the 4 cedis profit, I get commissions from my mobile money service provider since It is a merchant sim card. Based on the transactions you make in a month and the commission, you will get.

2. Stormerhost Affiliate Program : 

work online and get paid through Mtn Mobile Money
Stormerhost Affiliate Program

Another reliable working and tested company that pays you through mobile money is Stormerhost affiliate. Stormerhost is a web hosting company that offers high-quality, affordable web hosting services for individuals, small and large businesses, and enterprises of all sizes.

This company has an affiliate program like other website hosting companies like SiteGround, Kinsta, Bluehost, WPEngine, etc. With a company like Stormerhost Affiliate, you get your commission through mobile money.

To become affiliated with Stormerhost and make money from their affiliate program, you first have to be a customer by purchasing a hosting package, domain name, or other services from them.

One of the main reasons why I recommend Stormers Host is that you will get a free SSL certificate no matter the plan you choose.

In case you don’t know what an SSL certificate is: SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a cryptographic protocol that creates a secure connection between a server and a client computer. SSL certificate is a plugin for protecting the privacy of data transmitted between two computers.

So if you want to set up a website like this blog, you can also buy your web hosting from Stormerhost, join their affiliate and make money from their program each time you refer a buyer to Stormerhost. You can also read an article I made on How to Start A Blog with less than 300 GHS and make at least 700 GHS Monthly.

3. Chipper Cash App:

work online and get paid through Mtn Mobile Money
Chipper Cash

This app enables users to send, make an online payment, receive money, or set up a merchant account in Nigeria, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ghana, South Africa, and Uganda. It works like Paypal or Worldremit.

The cool thing about this system is that it has a referral program like Stormerhost. But with this referral program, They will pay 5.00 GHS by asking friends to download the app using your referral link.

If you refer ten people daily, you can make up to 50 cedis daily with this system. Tips to get more referrals is creating a PDF file and sharing them on forums like, telegram groups, WhatsApp groups, etc. You can also click here to learn How to Register. If you are searching for stress-free work online and get paid through Mtn Mobile Money, I recommend Chipper Cash.

4. Make Money from Bitcoin Mining : 

work online and get paid through Mtn Mobile Money
Bitcoin Mining and Trading

Bitcoin Mining and trading are one of the most lucrative online businesses you can ever find in Ghana. mining crypto has a less competitive strategy compared to other online money-making systems.

When it comes to mining Bitcoin, you need to research a legitimate mining pool website to start your mining. Mining pool websites like CryptoTab and NiceHash have proven reliable websites for Bitcoin mining. I use these websites daily whenever I am working on my laptop.

You can also mine Bitcoin on your mobile phone with the crypto tab browser. I have written an in-debt article on How to Mine and Earn Bitcoin using CryptoTab.

After mining Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin wallet to store your Bitcoin. Companies like, Coinbase, Yellow Card, Paxful, and Blockchain help you to store up and spend your Bitcoin without issues. You can trade the bitcoin mined on these platforms for mobile money in Ghana.

5. Make Money on Jumia as an Affiliate:

Jumia  Affiliate
Jumia affiliate

eCommerce is rising, and most people want to purchase from the internet. Jumia is one of the most popular online shopping websites in Ghana. It has a wide range of products which creates space for an affiliate.

To become an affiliate, you need to register as an affiliate on the Jumia platform. Jumia will give you a unique tracking link to advertise by sharing or placing it on your websites, social media, blogs, etc. When you successfully get someone to make a purchase, Jumia pays you a commission.

In summary, the Jumia Affiliate Program pays affiliates for referring sales to Jumia by creating and sharing a generated link with your audience. Anyone who buys from your unique tracking link product within the first seven days after the link is generated your commission. Commission ranges from 3 to 13 percent, depending on which category of goods you choose to promote.

How to register Jumia Affilate Program

  1. Browser the Jumia Affilate Program
  2. Register and create an account.
  3. Watch the tutorial video.
  4. Generate a link, share it with your friends, and start earning from JUMIA

6. Do micro-jobs on :

Do micro-jobs on 15ghana

You can also work online and get your payment through mtn mobile Money on is a freelancing website like or On their platform, you get your payment through mobile money, unlike another freelancing website that pays through Paypal.

If you are into any freelancing gigs like doing voice-overs, writing articles, video editing, and graphic designing, or you have any skills you can render for people to pay, then is the best place for you. works like Escrow, but on, there is also an affiliate or referral program that pays you for referring people to register on their platform. They will pay you 1.00 GHS for each referral you send to their website for registration.


If you want a reliable way to work online and get paid through Mtn Mobile Money, one of the above ideas should help you start making cash online. When I started working online, it was challenging.
But with consistent work, I make 1,200 GHS in a month, totaling by combing the above strategies. If you have a proven way to make money online in Ghana, you can leave it in the comment section below.

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