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How to make money online in Ghana as a student


Being in college with financial challenges can sometimes be difficult. However, as a learner, you can use your downtime to earn money online when you’re not in class. It could help reduce some of your parents’ burdens. This article will explore innovative ways to make money online as a student in Ghana. These jobs require no investment. You only need a smartphone/ laptop and an internet connection.

Top 10 Online Jobs For Students In Ghana

With technological advancements, You don’t have to dress up or deal with annoying bosses: You can work from dorms or wherever you live. Here are some of the most rewarding Online Jobs For Students In Ghana.

1. Start a YouTube channel:

Content creation is a great way to make money online as a student in Ghana because it does not require startup capital. All you need is to choose a specific niche, e.g., the latest trends on campus, etc. You can also plan on a script and create content with the help of AI. Once you reach monetization, you start getting paid from the YPP program. You can check how I started my YouTube Journey here.

2. Proofreader

If you catch errors easily when reading, proofreading can be a lucrative means to get money online. Most institutions are in demand of Proofreaders. How did I know? Joel Sam makes over $100 daily as a part-time Proofreader on Fiverr. You can check on his YouTube channel to see how he does it. To become a Proofreader, you set up a profile on LinkedIn and other freelancing platforms.

3. Create Printables and Sell on Etsy

Making printables is easy with AI, and you can earn money repeatedly. Printify and Canva allow you to create beautiful T-shirt designs and sell them on Etsy without considering printing and shipping costs. Printify will handle all of that for you. While focusing on schoolwork, this passive income strategy can earn you up to $200-$1,000 without disturbing your studies. You can learn more about Printables on YouTube for free.

3. Take online surveys

Although online surveys pay a few cents, they are the easiest way for students to make money in Ghana. Platforms like Premises will not only pay you to share your opinion; you can also be given a location-based task with decent money. To make the most of online surveys, combine two to five platforms. You can check out our Online Surveys that pay through mobile money.

4. Do micro-jobs :

There are many websites where you can do micro-jobs as a student and earn money. These jobs can be anything from writing articles to voiceovers and data entry. You get micro-jobs on a major freelancing website. We are hiring a content writer to format SEO articles; you can click find out more.

5. Start A blog 

As a blogger, I cannot hide the potential revenue one could earn from it. As a Student, this passive income strategy can earn a good income when people come to your blog to read daily. I have written an in-depth tutorial on How to Start A Blog In Ghana and Make at Least 700 GHS Monthly. Here’s a screenshot of what I have earned today so far.

6. Get Paid to Test Apps 

Task testing is another way for students in Ghana to make money online. Companies need feedback on their apps’ user experience, and they’ll reward you for doing it. Platforms like Utest and User Testing can pay you $10 to $15 per test. These tasks are easy and can take 15-20 minutes. 

7. Video Editor

Social media monetization is now common in digital spaces. If you can create engaging videos, you could earn an excellent income as a Video Editor. You can set up a Profile on Freelancer and sell these skills. Creators are willing to pay a hefty price, especially if you can create cool, engaging videos and graphics for YouTube videos. If you are new to video editing, You can learn it online. Here’s the best free cup-cut video editing course you can start with. Video Editing a lucrative Online Jobs For Students In Ghana.

8. Data bundle reseller 

You don’t need capital to start this business. Every internet user in Ghana uses data to browse the internet, so a data reselling business is a hot product you can repeatedly sell to the same people. Imagine buying 2GB of MTN data at 10 cedis or 2GB of AirtelTigo at 8 cedis. You can sell at your price and make a profit. Take this opportunity today and earn 20 to 50 cents daily by Watching this video on starting this business for free

9. Buy and sell websites

Another reliable way to make money online as a student in Ghana is by selling monetized websites. I have used this passive income idea to generate over 6000 cedis online. Many people are looking to start a website but have yet to learn how it is done; you can take advantage of this and find where to buy a website and resell it. You can connect with us to get a beautiful blog and sell them.

10. Sell handmade products:

Selling handmade products like soap, shawl gels, and liquid soaps can earn you decent cash as a student. You can learn about these handmade products on YouTube. Some Whatsapp and Telegram groups offer to teach at a cheap fee. You can search on Facebook to join. The products can be advertised on,, Whatsapp, and even your schoolmate on campus.

Which app gives money in Ghana?

Many applications on the app store pay real money after completing a task; below are a few.
Google AdSense
Chipper Cash


Making money online in Ghana differs from a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to apply sufficient effort to make substantial returns. However, it is important to do your due diligence before starting any of the mentioned in this article. Start exploring these innovative ways to make money online in Ghana as a student today!

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Collins Tagoe
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