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How To Make Money Fast In Ghana In 2024


It can be very frustrating if you are living on a low salary or not working in Ghana’s recent economic hardship. In this article, I will share eleven unique ideas you can use to make money fast in Ghana without quitting your day job. These are easy ideas you can start today with no fancy equipment. So, let’s delve into the world and earn quick cash. 

1. Sell Your Photos Online

Pictures create memories; you can profit from them by capturing beautiful moments and selling them online to buyers worldwide. You can start with iStock, Shutterstock, Foap, etc, to earn a commission whenever someone purchases your photos.

To succeed in this business, you need to:

  1. Take quality photos 
  2. Use a good camera with a decent resolution
  3. Research to know the kind of photos are in demand
  4. Use relevant keywords to describe your photos
  5. Be consistent with new images regularly

2. Sell Your Stuff Online

Selling Hand-made products or unused stuff online is one strategy that sells fast in Ghana. Online marketplaces like Jiji or Tonaton.com can help you list your product for free with additional features for buyers’ and sellers’ satisfaction. To grow in this business, you must:

  • Sell good condition commodities 
  • trade demanding items
  • Your prices should be competitively
  • Honest with your product listing.

3. Venture Into Delivery Business

Currently, most businesses are moving to the online space; some people now prefer to order things online and have them shipped to their homes through a delivery agent. You can start this business even from your home or backyard if you want to reduce overhead costs. As the business grows, you can also employ one or more persons (depending on the fleet size) to manage dispatch riders that will help you meet your expected return on your investment. 

To start the Delivery Business, you must:

  • First, ensure you Register at the Drivers’Drivers’ and Licensing Authority (DVLA)
  •  Complete your Vichel insurance.
  • Have a Bike 

4. Sell Your Skills Online

This time-honored business of showcasing and selling your skills is a lucrative one. You can set up an account on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Kwork, etc.

You only need to post gigs on any skill you are passionate about with your prices and terms of service. Once you finish the projects and the client is satisfied, the system releases your payment. You can receive ratings and referrals from satisfied clients.

To succeed in Freelancing, you need to:

  • Create an attractive profile to showcase your skills 
  • Offer reliable services 
  • Communicate politely 
  • Deliver the project on time 
  • Keep yourself updated

5. Start a Blog or a Vlog

If you are passionate about a particular topic, set up a blog on WordPress or Blogger and start sharing your knowledge with the world; alternatively, you can use YouTube, TikTok, etc., for free vlogging. You will earn by displaying Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, etc. 

To make money fast in Ghana through content creation: 

  • Create valuable and engaging content that solves problems.
  • Optimize your content for search drive traffic and views.
  • Build a loyal and engaged fan. 
  • Go for niches you are passionate about
  • Post new content regularly

6. Set Up a Food Joint

Believe it or not, people will eat no matter how bad the economy is. So, a good food joint in a populated area will be a good business. Ensure your food tastes good, and your restaurants will spring up. Food joint enterprises are very lucrative and can fetch a lot of money.

7. Chair and Table Rentals

One booming business that can fetch you quick money is investing in the rental of chairs and tables for events such as weddings, birthdays, dedications, conferences, etc. No matter how it is, people will not sit on the floor when they go to events. In some parts of Accra, people set up events weekly, so setting up these rental businesses can earn you money.

8. Take Online Surveys

In your spare time, you can share your opinion on an online survey platform and get rewards for answering simple questions. Even though this will not make you so much, it can help when in a tight corner. Some of these platforms pay directly into MoMo.

9. Buy and Sell

Buying and selling is a lucrative enterprise anybody can do to make money fast in Ghana. You can start by importing cheap goods from China, Dubai, Turkey, etc., and sell them here at a reasonable price. To succeed in buying and selling, going for high-demand products is good.

10. Crypto Arbitrage

Another excellent means to make money fast in Ghana is trading crypto-currencies. This involves buying less and selling high. With the proper strategy, you can build a successful trading career and earn a steady income. To start crypto arbitrage, focus on building your knowledge around cryptocurrency that fits your risk tolerance and investment goals.

 11. Set up a barbering shop.

Barbing salon is a growing business that could fetch you money any time, any day. You don’t need to be a specialist in shaving before starting this business. You can set up a salon for hairstylists for weekly sales. With a correct location, you can earn good money compared to what most people working white-collar jobs earn.


Making money fast depends on smartness and risk-taking; however, success rises upon success. Therefore, remember that you start small and grow big as an entrepreneur. To be successful in any business, always research and keep yourself updated.

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