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How to Make 100 Cedis a Day With Arbitrage Blogging In Ghana


Are you tired of struggling to make cash from your blog? Do you dream of a life where you can earn $9- $10 or more a day from your website? If so, your plans are almost becoming a reality! This guide will unlock the secrets of how to make 100 Cedis a day online in Ghana With Arbitrage Blogging. There is a saying, “If you spend money daily, you must make money every day.”

So, we have compiled a strategy we use as a blogger to skyrocket our AdSense earnings from $1 daily to $9 to $10 daily, equivalent to 100 cedis in the Ghanaian currency. As a result, many famous bloggers have achieved financial freedom through this hidden strategy I will share with you today; not to waste time, grab your laptop, buckle up, and prepare to embark on a journey of making up to 100 cedis daily.

How to Make 100 Cedis a Day With Blogging

Reading everything from the beginning to the end is essential. Most people think the most significant challenge to starting Adsense Arbitrage Blogging is the need for more money. But in reality, it needs more information on the most profitable ways to do it. So let us start;

What Do You Need

To join the journey of making 100 Cedis a day online in Ghana, you must have the following requirements: 

  1. Own a Niche Blog (You can learn how to start a blog here
  2. Your credit card with at least $100
  3. Adsense Running on your blog 
  4. Good Content Writing skills
  5. Propellerads account

Once you have the above requirement, first:  

1. Write a well-detailed article on your blog.

In blogging, one of the main tricks to make more money is to create meaningful content. It would be best if you worked on niche blogs like loans, scholarships, etc., then write a well-informed topic by conducting keyword research. 

You can also use CHATGPT to generate and post articles on your site. Ensure you perform and add more spice to your content to make it sound human. To develop it, go to chatgpt and give an instruction using the following format:

“Write me an in-depth article on [Insert the article’s title here]. The article should be exhaustive and contain an introduction, multiple subheadings, and a conclusion. Also, use personal terms in it.” Ensure you add images and proper internal links to the Post to make it appealing to your readers.

2. Ensure Adsense is Running on your Blog.

The most crucial aspect of making 100 Cedis a day online in Ghana with Adsense Arbitrage Blogging is correctly placing the AdSense code on every page across your site.

Make sure to place the code in between the article and above the folds for your readers to see; anytime a visitor clicks on them, you get credited into your Adsense account. 

With Google Adsense, you make more money if you have good traffic coming to your website and well-written blog content. The following section will give you tips and tricks to get more quality traffic to your blog. If you need help to get fast Adsense approval, click here

3. Create a Propellerads Account

Even though you can use different advertising systems to generate traffic, propeller ads have been the best platform in my experience practicing Adsense Arbitrage Blogging. 

What are propeller ads?

It is an advertising platform that provides leads to publishers and advertisers to connect and engage in digital advertising. It offers a variety of ad formats and monetization solutions for bloggers and app developers.

Propeller Ads focuses primarily on pop-under ads, push notifications, interstitial ads, and native ads. These ad formats capture users’ attention and generate revenue for publishers and advertisers.

Publishers can place Propeller Ads’ code on their websites or mobile apps to display ads and earn money based on the number of impressions or clicks generated. Conversely, advertisers can use Propeller Ads to boost their products or services, targeting specific audiences based on demographics, geolocation, or other targeting options.

Now that you know what Propeller Ads entitles, let me guide you on pulling quality traffic to your blog to meet your daily earning of 100 cedis or more. 

How To Boost Your Traffic With Propeller Ads

  1. Visit the official website of Propeller Ads and click on start.

2. Sign up as an Advertiser by entering your details and Account type, and choose individual

3. Activate your account and set up the password

4. On your account dashboard, click on, Create a Campaign (Ensure you fund the $100 into the account)

5. Give your campaign a name and choose Push Notifications as Advertising Format

6. If you want to spend less on advertising costs, at the Push Notification Types, uncheck “In-Page Push” and maintain “Classic Push.” But if you have an excellent budget, you can keep Classic Push because it can increase traffic.

7. With the Pricing Model, go for CPC, which stands for cost per click (This works well for Adsense Arbitrage)

8. The target URL is where you are directing the traffic (so copy the URL of the blog post you did and insert it in this section)

9. Leave the traffic source as the default

10. With the country’s bids, go for the country you are targeting; in my case, the content I’m trying to promote is for Africans, so I choose Africa. Another reason I target these countries is that the CPC is cheap. You can set your CPC as low as $0.05.

11. The next step is to set your campaign’s daily advertising and total budget. Assume you want to spend $30 daily for 2 days; the total cost will be $60

13. Set your targeting platform to both Desktop and mobile. OS platform too, select Andriod, Mac OS, and Windows

14. Finally, scroll to the creative section; This section is vital in the title and description field; you must enter a phrase that will force your target audience to read your blog post.

For example, you have a make-money-online niche and wrote an article on “Online Survey for money.” You can write, “Earn up to $15 per survey“. And “Apply Now To Start Getting Paid Today” for the description.

The next step is to upload a clickable image; there are two image options, so you must be careful when submitting the picture.

15. After everything is correctly set, Click on Start a Campaign. This will direct a lot of good traffic and clicks to your blog leading to money.

16. Using less than $100 to earn $4.26k is very lucrative. If you carefully optimize this strategy with a few investments, you can Make 100 Cedis a day or more with Arbitrage Blogging.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any risk in Adsense Arbitrage Blogging?

Yes! You can get banned by Adsense if your source traffic is not authentic or if you buy the traffic from an untrusted source (bot).

How can I know when to scale up my ads?

When you notice your CPC cross $0.20 upwards, your Adsense account has picked up. With much traffic and daily clicks, your CPC will keep increasing, especially during the early hours.

When will I see the results after my running campaign?

You will NOT see any results the first 3 days after you start running your ads. Some accounts can take 5 to 7 days to show good results.


Making 100 Cedis a day online in Ghana is achievable with the right mindset, strategies, and consistent effort. By understanding the online earning landscape, exploring different avenues, and avoiding common traps, you can unlock the secrets to financial independence and start making 100 Cedis a day from home. 

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the power of the internet, take action, and start your journey towards a more fulfilling and financially rewarding future today!

Remember, the road to success may have challenges, but with determination and guidance, you can make your dreams of earning 100 Cedis a day online in Ghana a reality. So, seize the opportunities that await you in the digital world. Your financial freedom starts now!

Collins Tagoe
Collins Tagoe
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