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Earn Cedis Online


Do you want to earn cedis online as a part-time job? Are you wondering how to go about it? Worry no more. Are you aware that making money online enables you to spend some free time without having to follow up with people as countless individuals online who are interested in what you can do?

Earning extra cash online may assist you by enabling you to meet your basic needs, such as food and shelter. You may even want to save money to pay your fees, buy something durable you may think is expensive, or cater to your family.

Online money-making enables you to work from any establishment and become a boss. You are not entitled to go to a particular establishment before you can work online. You can work from home or in your office. Why waste time? Check our list of the top 7 ways you can earn extra cedis today!

How To Make 100 Cedis A Day

Even though there are many tasks you can do online to earn extra cedis, the below selections are personal, tested, and proven strategies we use to make extra cash, so the assurance of your making cash from it is high. 

1. Write For To Earn Money:  

Are you a good content writer? Grab this opportunity now. is one of the fastest niche blogging platforms that provide updates about technology and making money online. 

Writing articles for this blog with about 1000 to 5000 words can enable you to earn 100 cedis daily online. All you need to do is write accurately, concisely, and in-depth.

Good sentences can make readers comprehend. When your work is good, the editor may be published and recommend you to other news portals. When more people click on your work, you are on the verge of earning more money in writing. You can reach the admin at for further inquiries.

2. Buy And Sell Data Bundle On Palmpay: 

Are you business-minded? You can start making some cash from the Palmpay App by selling airtime and data bundles to people online. Palmpay gives you cashback for each service you render on its platform. You can also read: What Is Palmpay App All About and How To Make Money With Palmpay.

How to Sell airtime and data bundles

  1. First, download the palmpay app.
  2. On the palmpay dashboard, click on airtime/data bundles.
  3. Type in the number for the transaction.
  4. Select the amount.
  5. Choose the preferred payment method.
  6. Follow the prompt to enter your pin.
  7. You may save your chargeback as your profit.
  8. Incredible! Faster and easy to use. Rush now!

3. Get Paid To Read News: 

One may ask how? Have you heard of cedisroom? This website’s income Program is a mechanism developed to benefit its users and subscribers. The platform aims to alleviate financial issues among young people, students, members of the middle class, and anybody else in Ghana who wants to benefit from reputable online employment opportunities by providing a means for participants to generate residual revenue frequently weekly.

How CedisRoom Works

There are two ways for CedisRoom to pay its users. CedisRoom Advert Revenue Sharing – With the Ads Revenue Sharing, users can receive a bonus for recurring revenue by reading news, leaving comments on articles, logging into their accounts daily, and even sharing a sponsored piece allocated to them on social media.

When you make CedisRoom society your home for news and information, they will split their advertising earnings with you each month.

You can also join Buzz Break by reading the news. This website will pay you $0.02 for every article you read on the platform.

4. Mini Importation Business: 

This business involves importing small quantities of goods from other countries like china for resale. These products include clothing, electronics accessories, and household items. 

The business model typically involves sourcing products from manufacturers or distributors in other countries, often at a lower cost than they would be available domestically, and then reselling them to customers in one’s own country.

You can start through online marketplaces, e-commerce websites, or physical retail stores. The success of any mini importation business depends on many factors, including the ability to find profitable products, access to reliable suppliers, and effective marketing and sales strategies. You can start importing goods from,,, and

5. Online Tuition:  

Provide educational instruction and tutoring over the internet rather than in a traditional classroom setting. It is a one-on-one tutoring session, group classes, and self-paced learning programs. Online tuition can take place through different platforms, such as video conferencing software, Whatsapp Groups, or Telegram Channels.

Organizing such tuition can benefit students and teachers as it allows for more flexibility and convenience. It can also provide greater access to education for those who live in remote areas or have mobility issues. For students, online tuition can enable them to learn at their own pace and to access a wider variety of teachers and subjects.

There are so many trades you can teach people and make money out of them. For example, I am good at creating blogs and SEO. I can teach people through social media groups at a fee. Examine yourself, know what you can do best, teach people online and start making some cool cash in the comfort of your house.

6. Become A Middle-Man:

 The job of a middle-man can be challenging as it requires effective communication. You can contact companies that sell items you can post online and resell at your price. 

I advertise people’s cryptocurrencies they are selling from different Whatsapp groups to other groups. I sell at my rate and get some cash daily.

7. Write Articles For Opera News Hub:

Unlike extratrendsgh, which pays high per article, Opera News Hub is a news and content distribution platform developed by Opera, a leading browser and internet services company. 

The platform allows publishers and content creators to reach a global audience through the Opera Mini browser and the Opera News app.

 It also provides tools for data analytics and monetization of content. The platform delivers a fast and efficient way for publishers to reach readers in emerging markets where internet connectivity can be limited.


Knowing that every choice you make and every success you experience is your own is one of the most satisfying aspects of working for yourself. Nothing is more liberating than that.

Setting your goals and success criteria is a requirement of working for oneself. You are in charge of your finances, which means you no longer receive a salary whiles your income is not constrained by business rules or determined by another person.

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