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Earn Cedis Online With These Best Money-Making Apps in Ghana 


These Proven and texted apps/websites might be all you need to make cash online for the next few days. Before setting up this channel, these applications were helping me earn cedis online daily. So, if you want to stop wasting your data bundle unnecessarily and use it wisely to get paid from 10 to 15 cedis from the comfort of your home daily, take a few minutes to read this article to the end. The cool thing about these apps is that they require no money to start earning. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

6 Money-Making Apps To Earn Cedis Online In Ghana

Many apps on the internet will pay you real money into your Momo account, which only involves playing games, chatting with lonely women, and watching videos. However, below are some free apps and sites you can sign up for and earn at least ¢10 or more per hour.

1. Premise

is a data collection system that connects with organizations across Africa to source grassroots information. It pays members to take surveys and complete other tasks by capturing data in their locality. Opportunities on the App vary; some require taking pictures of a building or store to answer venue-specific questions.

You will first be given an unpaid task to start making money on the Premise app; once you pass the training, the system will provide you with paid surveys and a welcome bonus of Ghc 0.25 for joining. Besides the app’s paid surveys, Premise has short “mission assignments.”  

You get credited from GHS 2 to GHS 40 for completing an approved mission. Submitting accurate data to the app will qualify you for more tasks. The Premise app is available on iOS and Android. You can cash out through Mtn Mobile Money and Bitcoin. 

2. Flashout

Flashout is a platform in partnership with Atingi to assist young people in learning new skills while earning airtime for inviting others.

Atingi is an e-learning platform by the German Development Cooperation. They offer free courses and certificates in Business, tech, agriculture, tourism, and many more industries. If you join Atingi through a referral, both get GH¢ 3 worth of airtime. 

How to Register and Earn GH¢ 3 airtime.

  • Click here and tab on the Google Play.
  • Install the Flashout app and open it.
  • Click “Get started.”
  • Enter your information and continue.
  • Tab on Open Atingi; it will open a page. 
  • Register an account with the link.
  • Check your email and confirm your account.
  • Return to the Flashout app and click on Earn airtmine.
  • Your airtime will show, and you can withdraw ASAP. 

Anytime you refer a friend, you get 3 cedis airtime each, which can help you buy a data bundle daily. What are you waiting for? Start today !!


Mita is a social media app that pays to chat with friends, join communities, and compete in challenges. The platform explores, connects, and plays diverse games while earning diamonds and crypto tokens. Play a game for 5 minutes, and you will make 100 diamonds. In addition, you can also refer and get a reward. Download MITA now and experience the power to connect, play, chat, and make money while having fun! Lastly, you can exchange your funds for cedis when you withdraw.

4. Geopoll App

To earn cedis online daily, you can join the Geopoll App and complete simple tasks and surveys by sharing your opinion. The platform will pay for your time and participation. The GeoPoll App makes payments directly into your mobile money wallet. Join the GeoPoll community today and contribute to the world as you earn money. The app rewards you with 0.57 credit for each referral that successfully downloads and registers. Use My Code NJM8PV3 to earn more credit.

5. Scriptbeeze A.I

Streetbeeze is an A. I platform that helps you with content creation, AI voice Generation, AI image Generation, Transcription Tool, AI code generation, and AI chatbot assistance. You can make money from Scriptbeeze by joining its affiliate program. The system will pay a 10% commission for each person who registers and buys a plan with your affiliate link. To earn more cedis online with Scriptbeeze, you can create YouTube shorts, Instagram/Facebook reels, or TikTok to promote your affiliate link for free.  

6. FastAd

FastAd is a platform for marketing where business owners promote their sales items. You get paid for sharing products that appear on your dashboard. For example, when you register and log into the app, you will see a list of products for sale; you can share any that fit you with your followers online. You will be credited whenever someone clicks the link to log in to the app.

How FastAd works 

  • Login to your FastAd account 
  • Tap on the share icon on any Ad
  • Share Ad links to any of your social media handles or WhatsApp status
  • The system will pay whenever someone clicks on your Ad link and logs in to the app
  • To withdraw, you must get at least GHS 10.


Earnings cedis online with these apps can vary and might not replace a full-time income. However, you might get extra income over time if you’re consistent and reliable. Furthermore, be cautious about sharing personal information and only use apps from reputable sources to protect your privacy and security. 

Collins Tagoe
Collins Tagoe
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