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How To Reverse Mtn Airtime To Mobile Money In Ghana


Mistakenly, You bought airtime from Mtn through your Mobile Money wallet and you end up buying more than the expected amount you had wanted to purchase, and you need ways to reverse the airtime as money into your MoMo wallet, then this article will guide you to reverse your airtime as money to into your wallet.

To reverse Mtn airtime to Mobile Money, Mtn has put in place new rules for their customers to be able to do a u-turn into their Mobile Money wallet.

According to Mtn, Mobile Money subscribers in Ghana on their platform can now do a reversal on mistake airtime that they purchase into their MoMo account. But the minimum amount you can reverse should not be less than GHS 10.00.

Amounts less than GHS 10.00 can not be reversed. Below is the list of all terms and conditions you must know before doing airtime reversal :

MTN Mobile Money Airtime Reversal Terms and Conditions

  • Reversals cover only airtime purchased from a MoMo subscriber’s wallet
  • Reversals are initiated by the subscriber from their own wallets.
  • Reversals from Merchant / Agent airtime purchases are not allowed.
  • The minimum airtime to be reversed is GHS 10. Transactions below GHS 10 cannot be reversed.
  • No partial reversal is allowed. The subscriber needs to ensure that the full value of airtime purchased and the bonus amount received is available before the reversal can be effected.
  • In case some part of the bonus or main airtime has been used by the customer, the transaction cannot be reversed. The customer has the opportunity to top up to ensure that the full amount is available to be able to reverse.
  • The sender of the Airtime needs to contact the receiver to approve the reversal after initiating the reversal.
  • Airtime reversal can only be done within 72 hours of performing the transaction.
  • No reversal can be processed after 72 hours of purchase.
  • Notification will be sent to both the sender and receiver upon completion of the reversal.

Before you begin the process, you can also read an article I did on how to reverse mtn mobile money transactions In 2023.

Steps to Reverse Mtn Airtime To Mobile Money In Ghana

1. Dial *170# on your phone

2. Enter 6 for the wallet

3. Enter 7 for Airtime Reversal.

4. Enter 1 or 2 depending on the number you are reversing the airtime on.

5. Enter 1 to Confirm the Airtime Reversal.

6. Mtn will send a pop-up message to you to approve the reversal.

How To Reverse Mtn Airtime To Mobile Money In Ghana

7. An SMS will be sent to you to confirm the reversal after you approve

How To Reverse Mtn Airtime To Mobile Money In Ghana


If you follow the above steps carefully, you should be able to reverse your airtime without any difficulties. The above guide can be applied to mistakenly sending airtime instead of money to someone. If you find the above information helpful, kindly share it with your friends and loved ones.

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