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How To Earn PayPal Money By Copying and Pasting ($3 Daily)


I found a legitimate platform you can use to earn PayPal money by copying and pasting people’s articles without having to write a blog post or have any prior writing experience. The platform I will reveal in this article pays only through PayPal, so if you don’t have one, you can learn how to create one here

How To Earn PayPal Money in 2024

To start earning $3 Daily with this copying and pasting strategy, We will need to look for the latest trending updates, which you can usually get on Google News

1. So head over to Google, type Google News, and click on the first. Once the page opens, you will see different categories of articles you can use. But, for the benefit of the tutorial, I’m going for the health niche, specifically fitness.

2. Once you click on fitness, you will see different types of articles you can copy for the next step. 

3. let me copy this article, including the title, and keep it on my notepad. 

4. The next step is to make the article you copied unique. To do that, head over to quillbot.com, paste the article you copied, including the title, and click on Paraphrase. It will rewrite everything nicely for you. 

Platform To Earn $3 Daily pasting people’s articles

The legitimate platform that pays you for pasting articles is called Letter Pad

  • So go to letterpad.app and click on register.
  • Enter your email and password or click Sign in with Google to register an account. 
  • Once you finish with the registration, you should be directed to this page, then click on posts, go ahead and fill in your name and username, and write something small about yourself; this should include the type of niche you will be pasting on this platform.
  • The next step is to write a site tagline and a description. These can be words from your niche, so mine goes like “Reggie’s Blog” for the tagline and “your number one fitness coach” for the description. Once you finish, click on Update site.
  • Now copy the article quillbot.com has rewritten for you. Open your  letter pad dash and click on posts
  • Then click on New Posts. 
  • and paste the rewritten version there.
  • Now go to pixabay.com and search for free images that match your content and download it.
  • Click the add image cover section and upload your downloaded image.
  • The next thing is to optimize your article for more people to read, so click the option. Under post meta, copy the first paragraph of your post and enter it there.
  • Then, under the topic, you will go with the niche you are writing on, in my case, fitness.
  • Enter some tags from your title or post meta.
  • Then, once you finish, go ahead and publish it.
  • You can preview your article by clicking on the option
  • To get paid, go to settings, click on Payment, scroll down, and enter your PayPal email. Anytime you get 1000 views, you will get $3 into your PayPal account. 


However, this strategy can help you make a few dollars in your PayPal account. However, to make the most of this copy-and-paste money-making you must consistently post daily. If you find this helpful article, kindly hit the like button, and remember to share more useful content like this

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