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How To Make Money On WhatsApp In Ghana


In the internet world, you’re more likely to make cash online by doing what you do on the internet daily without wasting data unnecessarily. This post will give you practical insight into how to earn money in Ghana using WhatsApp.

Suppose you are an active social media user, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. In that case, you can monetize your accounts by doing what you love daily on these platforms.

I remember quitting my job because of my poor salary and constantly searching the web for means to make money from home until a friend added me to a WhatsApp group. Guess what? The group was full of opportunities and information on monetizing your social media handles. The blow is some inspirational strategies that helped me boost my bank account from 10 cedis to 100 cedis, and guess what? I keep increasing the rate daily.

7 Ways to Make Money on WhatsApp in Ghana

There are numerous legal means of earning money with social media handles like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. The critical phase to making money on WhatsApp is through marketing and advertisement, which means promoting people’s products or your skills and directing sales to your WhatsApp account. The below strategies will help you understand, so continue reading till the end.

Facebook has given the green light for content creators to make money on its platform. Still, it is yet for its monetization program to be extended to WhatsApp even though people are increasingly engaged on WhatsApp than on Facebook.

There is an effective way for those committed to making money on their WhatsApp account. Although the platform does not provide a direct way to make money on its medium, there are several ways to make money on WhatsApp in Ghana:

1. Make Money On WhatsApp with FastAd 

Make Money On WhatsApp with FastAd 

One of the best means to make money with your social media account is by sharing ads from the Fastad application to your Whatsapp status, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You will earn extra money daily without investing. Before I continue, What is FastAd?

FastAd is a marketing/business platform that allows you to promote your Business and drive traffic to your website or lets people see your product on their Whatsapp status at a low fee. The platform pays you as a marketer for posting people’s ads on your status for free.

As a business owner, you can start promoting your Industry on this platform in Ghana if you want to target a broad audience. You can make money from your social media handle by sharing people’s ads as a digital marketer. 

How FastAd works 

  • Login to your FastAd account 
  • Tap on the share icon on any Ad
  • Share Ad links to any of your social media handles or WhatsApp status
  • You will get paid when people click on your Ad link and log in to the app
  • Cash out when you earn Ghs10 or more

2. Set Up an Escrow Group On WhatsApp

Set Up an Escrow Group On WhatsApp

If you are someone or have people who trade in cryptocurrencies and other digital products like gift cards, PayPal funds, or sell data online, you can create an escrow group for your audience. 

Anytime people trade on your platform, they will pay charges to you, the Admin. In my previous article on Work Online And Get Paid Through Mtn Mobile Money, I explained everything about escrow. You can read more about that Here

3. Educational services 

You can use WhatsApp to offer to tutor, coaching, or consulting services to individuals and groups in various subject areas. Suppose you are skillful in a particular field, for example, Soap making, Blogging, Video Editing, Ice cream making, etc.

In that case, You can set up a group on WhatsApp and promote it on other groups, Facebook, and another forum for those interested to join. Charge people for joining to learn from your group. 

With good marketing skills, You can get a lot of members on your WhatsApp. I remember I had to pay 100 cedis to join a mini importation business class in 2016. 

I acquired so many skills that helped me to make cash daily. What are you waiting for? Start educative services on WhatsApp today if you can teach craftwork. 

4. Affiliate Marketing

Another strategy to start making money on WhatsApp is marketing other people’s products and earning cash in return. Companies like Jumia, 15ghana,indusghana.com will pay you to promote their products and earn a commission for each sale made through your unique affiliate link. You can share your affiliate link on WhatsApp groups and your status. 

I have my strategy for making cash through my WhatsApp account and will share the steps used frequently, Don’t get it twisted.

Simply contact companies and talk to them about marketing their products on WhatsApp and social media platforms, and when they agree to my terms, I take pictures of the products and post them on WhatsApp.

Then add my commission anytime someone orders an item. Quickly contact the product owner I’m advertising to ship to the customers’ location and send my profit through Momo.

There are many platforms you can start this business from; I use Dropship Ghana. This affiliate platform can be found on Telegram @dropshipthis.

If you have a wide range of followers who watch your status daily or you’ve joined groups on your WhatsApp handle, you can shorten links of blogs or essential pieces of information and share them with your followers. You will earn some money depending on the country you get clicks. 

Before I continue, let’s know what short links are; a quick connection is a shorter version of a long association, but a specific link to a content or file appears to be very long. You can access both links, but one is longer, and the other is shorter.

Some link shortens platform places ads on their website to direct traffic to their forum or allow users to see ads before accessing the clipped content under the original link. Link Shorten platforms like shorte and adf.ly are the most trusted website you can start.

6. Referral Program

I’m adding this as a bonus. If you know what referral programs are and have a strategy, you can make a lot of money. Many platforms, such as Chipper Cash, Palmpay, 15ghana, etc., can refer your friends to join its platform, and you will be paid for each unique person who registers under you. 

7. Earn On Whatsapp With Cpaleads (Bonus)

Cpaleads - How to make money on WhatsApp in Ghana

Another dependable means to make money with your social media handle is by joining the CPA leads program. Now, what are CPA leads?

CPAlead is a cost-per-action (CPA) advertising network specializing in mobile content locking and lead generation.

The company provides a platform for advertisers to promote their products and services through various offers and for publishers to monetize their traffic by placing content locks and lead forms on their websites.

The network provides its users with detailed analytics, real-time tracking, and various tools to maximize the return on investment. This program is similar to FastAd, but this advertising pays in dollars. You can watch the video below about making cash with the CPA company on WhatsApp.


Can I earn money by making WhatsApp status?

Yes! You can promote your Jumia affiliate links on your status or others’ products, services, or apps. 

Which app can I use to make money in Ghana?

Chipper Cash
Sweatcoin App

How can I earn daily status?

You can earn daily by joining FastAd. The platform pays you as a marketer for posting people’s ads on your status for free.

Final Thought on how to make money on WhatsApp in Ghana

Making money from social media platforms like WhatsApp can be stressful if you don’t have available means, such as many contacts and influential groups. Practicing the above strategies will help you capitalize and make money from your WhatsApp account since you can not monetize forums like Facebook and YouTube.

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