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How to Open a UBA Bank account on WhatsApp in Ghana


Opening a UBA Bank account on WhatsApp is one of the easiest ways to avoid cueing at the United Bank of Africa (UBA) bank branch for long hours. UBA Bank has made banking easy and fast in Ghana. After the covid-19 outbreak, most companies are adopting ways and means to satisfy their customers by moving into the technology space.

United Bank of Africa (UBA) has launched a technology called Leo that assists its customers at any time when little or no human intervention is required. The LEO technology introduced by UBA Bank can help you with the following without visiting their Bank : 

  1. Check Balance
  2. Account Opening
  3. Airtime Topup
  4. Send Money
  5. Bill Payment
  6. Self Services
  7. Get Statement
  8. Link New Account
  9. Reset Pin
  10. Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know the use of the LEO product, I’m going to walk you through how you can open a UBA Bank account on WhatsApp. There are three ways one can open a UBA Bank account without going to the Bank but just like the title of the article says, we are going to Open a UBA Bank account on WhatsApp.”

Before I begin with the main topic of how to go about a bank account open on WhatsApp, UBA Bank has five different types of bank accounts available to its customers, these are :

  • Professional
  • Student
  • Self Employed
  • Diaspora
  • Mass Retail
  • Business

Steps to Open a UBA Bank Account on WhatsApp

1. Send a Hello to Leo on WhatsApp by clicking here or save the Leo WhatsApp number (+233577822822) and send a Hello to him. 

How to Open UBA Bank account on WhatsApp

2. Since we are Opening an Account, select option

Opening an Account - How to Open UBA Bank account on WhatsApp

3. Enter your first name as it appears on your Ghana or Votes Id

4. Enter your last name as it appears on your Ghana or Votes Id

 Enter your last name as it appears on your Ghana or Votes Id

5. Enter your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY

Enter date of birth - uba leo banking

6. Select your gender using A (Female) or B (Male). In my case, I selected B (Male)

Select gender on uba banking leo

7. Enter your physical address (you can easily find your physical address on your utility (light) bill)

8. Enter your email address or type skip if you don’t have an email address

 email address - How to Open UBA Bank account on WhatsApp

9. In the next step, you will be asked to upload your passport photograph

passport photograph

10. Select the letter next to the type of account you want to open (In my case, I chose (C) for Self Employed)

Self Employed - Leo Banking

10. Under Self Employed segment, I do an Entrepreneur, so I selected A

Entrepreneur - Uba Banking

11. Enter the City or a street name close to the nearest UBA branch 

nearest UBA branch  - Create Uba bank account

12. Select a branch by typing the letter next to the UBA branch nearest to you

UBA branch nearest

13. Finally, download and read the terms and conditions for Account opening. If you agree with the terms, type Yes or No 

Account opening - Leo on WhatsApp

14. You should receive a congratulations message with your account number and what the next steps do.

congratulations message  - Create Uba Account

You have successfully opened a UBA Bank account on WhatsApp. The next thing to do is to go to the nearest UBA Bank branch you choose during the registration and fully validate your bank account. Validating your bank account will increase your transaction limit. else you are limited to Ghc300 of transaction.


Since you have successfully opened a UBA Bank account on WhatsApp with Leo, I will advise you to go to the nearest UBA branch near you with a valid Id card (Ghana card, driver’s license, passport, or the SSNIT card), Two passport size pictures and a minimum of GHC 20.00 for your initial deposit, to fully complete the validation of the newly created UBA Bank account.

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