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Cheap monthly payment apartments in Accra


One of Ghana’s issues among today’s youth is room rentals due to the landlord’s one or two years advance rent payment. Suppose you need help getting cheap monthly payment apartments in Accra. In that case, This article will help you identify companies online or offline that will rescue you from the accommodation burden.

Although the laws in Ghana command House owners or Landlords to accept monthly payments, most of these rooms usually take either 1 or 2 years’ rent advance. Morden technology has made things easy, and now you can search for an inexpensive apartment to rent through reliable companies on the internet without paying an agent-free.

Ways to rent cheap monthly payment apartments in Accra

If you fall within these categories of getting to pay your rent monthly, there are several options for finding affordable monthly payment apartments in Accra, Ghana. Even with people looking to rent and pay monthly in east legon. Here are some recommendations gathered by Extra Trends Gh:

1. Rent Masters

It is a property management company that specializes in managing rental properties. They offer various services, including property management, tenant placement, maintenance, and rent collection.

Rent Masters is one of Ghana’s best rentals solution. It aims to make rental property ownership as stress-free as possible for landlords and provide high-quality rental properties for residents. 

You may visit their website or contact them directly if you have any questions or want more information about their services.

2. Renmo

Renmo is a form of assistance that allows anyone to make monthly rent payments. Your landlord receives the total amount of your rent. Then, you pay monthly to them. 

Unlike other companies, You must meet the Renmo necessity before they can assist you with your rent burden. These conditions are : 

  • Occupation situation: To find out if you are working for a salary
  • Monthly earnings: To decide how much you earn monthly
  • Rent amount per month: To find out how much your rent costs
  • ID card: For assurance that you will pay them back
  • Bank statement: To check your income flow
  • Location of the apartment or other place you want to rent Landlord information
  • Landlord details: To confirm who owns the apartment you are renting

If you meet all the prerequisites above, it takes regular daytime for them to respond to you. They will reach you to inform you your application has been approved.

3. Rent Advance Loan From Republic Bank 

Another form to get your rent paid monthly is a Rent Advance Loan from Republic Bank, a loan product offered by a financial institution based in Ghana. The loan is designed for individuals who need quick access to funds to cover their rent expenses. 

The loan provides a fast and convenient way for borrowers to get the money they need without going through a lengthy loan application process. You can get a loan from 5,00 to 5,000 cedis.

To qualify for the loan, borrowers must meet Republic Bank’s terms and conditions, which are as follows : 

  1. You must open a current or investment account with the bank
  2. An undertaking from your employers to continue to pay your salary through their bank
  3. One must produce a Tenancy agreement endorsed by your employer

Contact the bank directly to learn more about the Rent Advance Loan from Republic Bank. They can provide details on the loan terms, interest rates, repayment options, and the application process.

Conclusion on how to pay rent monthly in Ghana

Paying rent monthly can provide stability, predictability, and peace of mind for tenants and landlords. Monthly rent payments allow tenants to adjust their budget if their financial situation changes. Depending on their needs, they can pay a little more or a little less every month.

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