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Get Paid To Chat with Lonely People. Earn $3 Hourly


Loneliness can sometimes affect mental and physical health, particularly for people with disabilities or those who live far away from their loved ones. You can chat with these people and make money in return. Many excellent websites allow you to register and get paid to chat with lonely people. This article will cover five great options for these platforms and how to get started with this side hustle for free. 

Can I get paid to chat with lonely people online?

If you are wondering if you can get paid to talk to lonely people, the answer is a resounding Yes! Some Social network platforms have been designed solely to socialize genuine internet or in-person friendships, not necessarily sexual relationships. You can earn up to $3 to $5 per hour to chat online. 

Requirement to Get Paid to Chat with Lonely People

To join these platforms where you earn to talk to lonely people, you’ll need the following:

  • Must be 18 years and above
  • Should be Friendly 
  • Commitment
  • Your Phone or Laptop
  • Good Internet Speed

5 Places To Get Paid To Chat with Lonely People

Even though many websites will pay you to keep lonely people company, here are the five best legit platforms you can begin with: 

1. Rent a Cyber Friend

Rent a Cyber Friend is a platform that allows people to connect with virtual companions or friends through their website. These cyber friends are not therapists or counselors but friendly individuals who provide a listening ear, companionship, and support through digital means such as chat, video calls, or emails.

How Much Can Make Rent a Cyber Friend

The platform pays $0.1 per minute to talk to lonely people, so when you chat with someone for an hour, you will earn $6. Although the rate from Rent a Cyber Friend starts as low as $0.1 per minute, some profiles are charging $0.40 to $0.80 every minute.

The Benefits of Cyber Friendships

Rent a Cyber Friend is an excellent website for everyone all over the world, helping you connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Aside from that, you can help individuals overcome loneliness and enjoy meaningful interactions. The forum also gives you the flexibility to search and optimize your profile for cyber friends based on specific interests, such as movies, video games, or lifestyles.

2. Fiverr Friendships 

Fiverr Friendships also offers excellent services on its platform that allow users to connect with others for friendship, advice, and mentoring. Aside from chatting with lonely people for payment, you can also sell freelancing gigs on the platform.

How Much You Can Earn

You can charge between $5 to $50 per hour, depending on how you grow your craft and the demand for your service. Most people on the platform charge based on the type of experience they have. For example, suppose you have a different skill like video games, camping, photography, animals, 3D printing, woodworking, anime, TV shows, documentaries, or cult classic movies. Your service may be high since you will target multiple interests in that case. You can set your gig in different pricing plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Benefits of Fiverr Friendships

Aside from life counseling on Fiverr, you can post gigs. Primarily, you can optimize the gigs you want on the platform. You can also ask your client to rate and review to gauge your reputation.

How to Start?

To join Fiverr Friendships, click on the sign-up button. Ensure you have many ideas about the type of service you want to offer the platform, be it chatting with lonely people. With much experience afterward, you can convert to full-time. 

3. Rent a Local Friend 

Rent a Local Friend is a website that connects travelers with “local friends” who are passionate about their city or region to show them around through real-life meetings. Aside from earning to show people around your area or hometown, you can also go for “virtual friends,” where you can connect and chat with people online. 

You can earn from $15 to $100 hourly based on how popular and established your profile is.

To join Rent a Local Friend, go to their website and click on the sign-up, fill in your personal information, and you are good to go.

Who is this site for? 

This website is for those with much history or information about a particular area, city, or town who tour people around. 

4. Phrendly

Phrendly is another excellent platform that allows users to engage in conversations, exchange messages, and even video chat with others. 

One entertaining twist about the system is that – users can buy virtual drinks for their chatting partners, which you can convert into real money.

How Much Can You Make?

When you first join Phrendly, you will get a welcome bonus of $5. The texting rate is around $0.35. If you respond within a day, aside from that, when a user buys you a virtual drink, you can exchange it for money, which is equivalent to $10 every 8 minutes of talk time.

How to Join Phrendly

Go to the Phrendly website and ensure you are 18 years and above, click on sign up, fill in your details and other necessary information, and wait for approval.

5. Talkroom 

Talkroom is a safe and reliable chat app where people must pay money before messaging you. The platform allows people to share their knowledge while earning cash from their answers. The system will pay for whenever someone online seeks your advice or expertise.

Talkroom has filters that block time-wasters, beggars, and spammers so that you can build genuine relationships quickly. With payment, people can message you.

How to join Talkroom 

It is easy to join this platform; go to the Talkroom website, click on “Get it on Play Store“, or download the iOS option and create a profile, set a price, and start getting money for your time today.


Getting cash to chat with lonely people is a unique and fulfilling way to make money online while providing much-needed friendship to those in need. With good conversational skills, you can venture on this rewarding journey to connect, earn, and make a positive impact on the lives of others. So, why not try it and turn your passion for chatting into a meaningful source of income?

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