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Best Loan Apps in Ghana: 200 Cedis For first-time borrowers


Financial needs can sometimes be challenging when you have no one to run to for help, especially in Ghana’s current economic hardship. Thanks to the “almighty internet,” you can borrow up to 600 cedis or more and pay later. In this article, we shall look at some of the best loan apps in Ghana that can lend you GHS 200 as a first-time borrower.

Top 5 Best Loan Apps in Ghana To Get 200 Cedis 

1. Fido Money lending.

When it comes to taking loans today, many people have suffered at the hands of fake banks and frauding apps, but not this time because the Fido lending app, which has been given a license to operate in Ghana, is here to give you the best service and their main point is to provide adequate satisfaction to its short -term users. When you borrow from Fido, you can get as much as 200 GHS as a first-time user. To secure a loan from them, you need to;

  1. Download the Fido Money Lending from the Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Install the app and proceed with the registration with your accurate details.
  3. Go ahead and fill in the information on the loan form with the correct details.
  4. You will get the money as soon as your loan has been approved.

2. Aella Credit Loan.

Aella credit loan app is a fintech company that made lending very easy if you want to take loans, make payments, or even make investments. It also accommodates booming markets, that is, a new business facing financial issues; whether you are a businessman or an individual in need, Aella is here to make you feel comfortable. You can borrow up to GHS 200 once you download and register the app. This is how you can get the Aella app;

  1. Download the Aella credit loan app from the Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Sign up to create an account with your correct details.
  3. Fill out the following form with your personal information.
  4. Click on the next page to know the amount you can borrow.
  5. In less than 24 hours, you will receive the amount you applied for, GHS 200 as a first-timer or more.

3. Carbon Pay Later Loan

It is one of the secured digital bank loan apps for you to unlock the power of money, enjoy free transfers, and get instant loans and high-interest savings. They lend you money a few minutes after the requirement. Aside from its simplicity during usage, so many features have made lending very convenient; one of these is its referral program, where you get a discount on your loan when you refer the app to your friends. Another interesting one is that they offer loans from 5% up to 15% interest rate.

How To Get the Carbon Pay Later Loan

  1. Create a valid account with your details
  2. Fill in the requirements on the app
  3. Download and install the Carbon Loan app from the PlayStore or App Store.
  4. Submit the form and wait for the approval

4. Branch Loan App

The branch loan app is one of the best loan apps in Ghana that provides almost instant access to its users without physical declaration. The branch lends money to everyone eligible to apply for loans, even when you are not a customer with no collateral. They are always available, and they deliver their loans directly into your account in seconds after application.

How To Apply for a Branch Loan

  1. Download the branch app from the PlayStore or the App Store
  2. Sign in to create an account with your correct details to assess
  3. Apply for the amount of loan you want to borrow
  4. The loan will be sent directly into your account in no time.

5. Fairmoney Loan

Fairmoney loan app is a fintech lending that offers loans for health-related urgency, Personal use, and other unforeseen emergencies. They are known for their reliability, and it is easy to operate with the app. You can get up to GHS 200 or more, even as a first-time user. To apply for the Fairmoney loan, you have to;

  • Download the Fairmoney app on the PlayStore or App Store
  • Sign up to create an account if you haven’t or log in with your valid phone number as an old user, or you can use your Facebook account to apply for the loan
  • When you are done, your loan will be credited into your bank account or mobile money ASAP.
Which loan apps in Ghana give 200 cedis?

Fido Money Lending
Aella Credit Loan
Carbon Paylater Loan
Branch Loan App
Fairmoney Loan

Conclusion On Best Loan Apps in Ghana

Loan apps are now overtaking, making getting a loan for emergencies easy and convenient. However, most of their disturbing problems are with some customers’ repayment attitude. You need to input the kind of energy that encouraged you to go for the loan into the part when it is time for payment to save your reputation and strengthen your trust so that when you find yourself in an urgent situation again, you know you have a reliable backup. 

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