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Quick loans In Ghana Without Collateral


Are you searching for institutions that give out quick loans in Ghana without collateral? Do you want to raise your business or pay off debt? 

This article will help you to identify reliable lenders with a low rate without going through difficulties.

If you are seeking a small loan to meet your immediate needs must endure a time-consuming, laborious, and extended application process for quick loans in Ghanaian banks. Fortunately, Ghana’s Fintech revolution and online lending startups are making it simple for individuals and businesses to obtain fast loans when needed.

Personally, these loan companies saved me from shame. I was traumatized after WACE released the SHS school placement because the recommended items on the prospectus were beyond my budget, and I needed to help my sister attend high school.

6 Quick Loan Options in Ghana Without Collateral

With the help of friends and my previous article on online loans in Ghana, I assisted my sister in school without difficulties. As it sounds, I was searching for a quick loan without collateral that won’t put too much pressure on my life. The only way is to go for mobile money loans.

Accordingly, in this blog post, I present the five quickest loans in Ghana without collateral that helped me.

Zidisha Loan App 

One of Ghana’s best mobile lending applications is the Zidisha Loan app. You can borrow as much as 4.000 GHC without putting up any collateral with the Zidisha loan app. The platform connects borrowers directly with lenders worldwide, enabling borrowers to access affordable capital and lenders to earn a return on their investment.

To use Zidisha, you must create a profile on the platform and provide information about your business and funding needs. Lenders can then browse borrower profiles and lend money to those they believe most deserving.

Zidisha loans have a unique feature of not charging interest but imposing a 5% service charge on the loan amount. This charge covers the cost of transferring and administering the loan, helping borrowers secure advantageous loan terms and lenders earn higher returns.

Oze SME Loan

This company offers small business loans through partnerships with financial institutions and other fintech companies to customers who regularly utilize the Oze Business App, complete the loan application, and complete the Loan Prep Process. Oze offers up to 30,000 Ghana Cedis.

In Ghana, these short-term loans are offered at interest rates as low as 3% per month. The loan can be paid off over 12 months in installments. An applicant must have used the Oze Business App for at least 30 days to qualify for the loan. They can use their Oze Business App to apply for a loan after 30 days.


It is a distributed loaning stage that gives fast credit to people and private ventures in Ghana. Borrowers can quickly, easily, and securely obtain collateral-free short-term loans through the online platform. KiaKia app is one of Ghana’s most recent mobile money lending apps. 

It boasts one of the fastest application procedures, letting you know your status in minutes. Additionally, KiaKia provides quick-paying short-term loans. This online lending app lets you get loan amounts between 253 and 5,000 cedis.

CashGhana Limited 

CashGhana is an advanced loan app in Ghana that provides quick loans without collateral, especially for working people. The restricted system gives employed people in general society and confidential areas a compensation advance. You don’t need to put up anything as collateral to get a short-term loan. The conditions are minimal because you only need a letter from your employer’s accounts office and a valid national ID. After you submit your application, funds are deposited into your account instantly.

 Flexi Credit Limit 

This loan service is on PalmPay. You can borrow money from the platform up to a specific boundary. you can use it to make purchases, pay bills, and repay the borrowed amount over time, usually with interest.

Like any other loan, you can increase your Flexi credit limit by repaying the amount you borrowed by the 16th and 1st of each month. You can get the Palmpay app from the google play store, and please remember to enter invitation codes Z2GTDD and GHS20 free. Apart from borrowing from the app, there are other opportunities you can get on PalmPay.


Lending Papa is one of Ghana’s best online loan apps, providing quick and easy loans. You can secure a loan by searching for the app on the store and registering an account. Borrowers can get a loan of GHS 1,000 ~ GHS 5,000. To get the loan quickly, you need to meet specific requirements, which are:

1. You must be a Ghanaian. 

2. You must be in the age of 20-55 years old

Lending papa interest: from 8% to 22% per annum. For example:

If you apply for a loan of GHS 4,000, the term is three months, and the annual interest rate is 18%. So the daily interest rate = is 18%/365=0.049 %, the interest for three months = 4,000×18%/365×3 months = 237, and the total repayment=4000+237= 5,237.

Final Thought

I’ve used the best lending companies listed above. If you’re searching for quick and stress-free loans without collateral in Ghana, this compilation could be your solution.

Disclaimer:  This article is not an alternative for experienced direction or help and you should not depend on it to make decisions. Any step you take upon the information offered in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility! 

Quick loans In Ghana Without Collateral
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