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SHS Courses And Their Jobs In Ghana


After Junior High School (JHS) education, the majority further to Senior High School (SHS), but most student selects courses without knowing what they want to pursue in life, so this article, we’ve taken our time to research on all SHS courses and their jobs in ghana.

Senior High School (SHS) education is essential to the Ghanaian educational system. The three-year program follows junior high school, leading to Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) certification award. 

SHS students select from five courses based on career interests: General Science, Business, General Arts, Home Economics, and Visual Arts. This article covers the courses, job opportunities for graduates, and impact on Ghana’s employment market.

SHS Courses and their Electives:

 The following are some of Ghana’s formal SHS courses:

  1. General Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Elective Mathematics, Integrated Science, Agricultural Science
  2. Business: Financial Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Cost Accounting, Business Mathematics
  3. General Arts: Literature-in-English, Government, Geography, Christian Religious Studies, History, French, Ghanaian Language
  4. Home Economics: Food and nutrition management, general art knowledge, and living management Textiles, Economics, and French
  5. Visual Arts: General knowledge in arts, Economics, English and French literature, graphic design, basketry, leatherwork, picture making, ceramics, and sculpture are all included.

Teachers teach each course for a specific number of hours per week, and students must take core subjects and electives based on their stream. The SHS curriculum imposes strict standards, necessitating discipline and focusing on students to excel in their studies.

SHS Courses And Their Jobs in Ghana:

There are many SHS Courses And Their Jobs In Ghana, depending on your area of study and interests. Some of the popular professional options for Junior High School graduates include:

General Arts

The University of Ghana, Legon’s Faculty of Law, and the Capability of Arts accept students who take this course. Admission into these faculties is very competitive. You will likely get an Admission with grades between 6 and 12.

Cape Coast University and KNUST’s College of Art and Social Sciences both accept many students with a General education in the arts WASSCE students with an average of 6-15 are more likely to get admission.

Students who excel in literature, history, and other arts-related courses can pursue careers in journalism, law, teaching, and other humanities-related fields.


SHS students who study business are more likely to be accepted into business administration, law, and the University of Ghana Business School. Business studies can lead to careers such as teacher, accountant, financial analyst, bank manager, cashier, investment manager, auditor, and CEO. Proficiency in quantitative and math-related subjects is required for admission to study business at the SHS or tertiary level.

General Science

Strong performance in Mathematics, Integrated Science, and English Language boosts a student’s chances of succeeding in the WASSCE. After senior high school, graduates with good grades in general science may apply to the University of Ghana, Legon’s College of Health Sciences, Department of Engineering Science, and College of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences.

Science students have many job opportunities, including becoming doctors, nurses, teachers, physicians, lab technicians, or pharmacists. General science students have even more employment prospects.

Visual Arts 

Creative arts students have job prospects in painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, and film-making. Admission to the Department of Integrated Rural Art and Industry is open to students with a visual arts and home economics background. Visual arts students must take electives in General Knowledge in Art, Picture Making and Graphic Design, Textiles, Sculpture, or Leatherwork.

Home Economics

To get admission into the Department of Vocational and Technical Education, a Passes in Management in Living and any two (2) other elective subjects relevant to the preferred option. 

Individuals can pursue careers as professional teachers and matrons in senior high schools and other educational institutions. Graduates may also secure positions as nutritionists, caterers, or restaurant managers.

Activities like home furnishing, cooking, pastries and food preservation, child upkeep, and handy works like sewing and cleaning are taught in the program.

The Impact of SHS Courses on the Ghanaian Job Market:

The SHS curriculum in Ghana prepares students for success in higher education and the workforce. The Science, Business, and Arts streams’ courses meet the demands of the local job market and provide students with relevant knowledge and skills.

The interest for SHS graduates in Ghana shifts depending upon the course of study. Since the country lacks engineers and medical professionals, science-related systems are essential. Business courses are also in demand because the finance and banking industries require skilled professionals. There is a demand for journalists, lawyers, and educators, so arts and humanities classes should also be taken.


SHS schooling system pursues to give students general education and equip them for tertiary education or employment. General Arts, Science, Business, Home Economics, and Visual Arts lessons all have a wide range of courses that cover various topics. 

Senior High School graduates can work in diverse fields depending on their interests and field of study. The SHS curriculum strives to give students the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in the job market. In general, Ghana’s growth and resources depend on SHS education.

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