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How To Make Money On Youtube In Ghana


You may have heard the likes of Jessica Opare-Saforo, Wode Maya, Sweet Adjeley, and Kwadwo Sheldon making a living on Youtube In Ghana, and if you also want to know how to make money on youtube in Ghana, then continue reading this blog post to the end. 

YouTube is rated one of the world’s most well-known social media platforms and the second-best search engine. It makes content creators earn money by creating quality and unique video content. Content creators can take a few steps to earn money on YouTube. Reading this article will analyze these steps in detail.

How To Earn Money On Your Youtube Channel

Making a significant income from YouTube as a content creator is possible; It takes work. Hundred of videos are uploaded to YouTube every single minute worldwide, making it a competitive platform, so making money on Youtube as a starter can be challenging. Not to worry, the below are some powerful strategies you can utilize to jumpstart your earning possibility from YouTube.

Create a YouTube Channel:

Setting it up is very easy; you only need your Gmail account to get it done, to create:

  • Go to
  • Click on the profile icon
  • Tap on “Create a channel.”
  • Choose your channel name
  • Customize your channel

When creating your channel, you should choose a niche or topic you are passionate about with a potential audience in Ghana. I will go into detail in the next section.

1. Choose a Niche 

Another critical method to succeed on YouTube is choosing a niche. Even the bible made it known that we shouldn’t plant more than one type of seed in a field Deuteronomy 22:9.Precisely, that is what you need to do to grow your channel. Now the question some may ask is, What is a Youtube Niche?

It is a specific category or topic a YouTuber focuses on when creating content for their channel. Choosing a niche helps content creators to target a specific audience and show themselves as experts in a particular area.

It also helps to distinguish their channel from others and increases the probability of being uncovered by viewers interested in that topic. Some prominent YouTube niches include beauty and fashion, gaming, technology, travel, food, education, and entertainment.

Picking a niche you are passionate about helps you produce high-quality content to engage the audience.

2. Produce High-Quality Content 

Good content implies adequate financial planning time, exertion, and assets to make enlightening, engaging, and outwardly alluring recordings. Additionally, your content should be original and beneficial to your audience.

By purchasing a cheap ring light from Jumia or Jiji, you can use your mobile device to make videos that look good for your channel. You can create an investment in a sound camera system as your channel grows.

3. Build an Audience 

To make more money on Youtube, you need to have a lot of impressive and engaged fans. Advancing your channel via online entertainment stages like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can assist you with expanding your crowd.

You should also respond to comments and make videos that answer questions and concerns raised by viewers. In addition, increasing a YouTube audience necessitates consistency.

4. Monetize Your Channel 

One can earn money from his channel by putting ads on his videos once you have a large following on YouTube. The YouTube Accomplice Program (YPP) requires that:

  • You have at least 1,000 subscribers.
  • Have at least 4,000 watch hours or 10,000,000 Shorts views in the past 12 months.
  • You comply with YouTube’s community guidelines and terms of service.

You can apply for the YPP once you meet these requirements. Assuming your application is supported, you can begin bringing in cash from promotions shown on your videos. The number of views, ad engagement, and the advertiser’s bid affect how much money you make from ads.

5. Explore Other Revenue Streams 

Kwadwo Sheldon and other content creators in Ghana frequently feature sponsorships and advertisements in their videos and use the names of the brands in their content.

Loads of organizations these days offer help to YouTube channels for direct advancement. You must write a detailed proposal about what you can contribute to get a sponsorship.

Ensure you know much about your target audience and the brand you’re contacting. One advantage of support is that you do not have to give YouTube a cut.

The majority of the time, sponsorship revenue is significantly greater than YouTube ad revenue. You must put yourself out there to be found if you want to sign a brand deal and become a YouTube influencer. You can also

  • Sell Products: You can sell merchandise related to your channel, such as t-shirts or mugs, to your viewers. However, it would be best to learn what your viewers need and sell them something worthwhile.
  • Receive Donations: You can accept donations from your viewers using platforms like Mobile Money.

How much are 1 million Youtube views worth

The value of 1 million YouTube views can range widely depending on several characteristics, such as the geographic area of the viewers, the content type, the type of ads displayed, and the consensus between the creator and YouTube.

You can make between $10,000 and $30,000 for a million views because creators receive between $0.01 and $0.03 for each picture. These figures are estimations and subject to significant change in light of the abovementioned variables.

Further, it is essential to note that YouTube payments are influenced by viewers’ engagement with the ads shown. Creators typically earn more if their audience watches the ads in full or clicks on them, generating more revenue for YouTube and the creator.


How many views do you need to cash out on YouTube?

$100 payout threshold

Highest-paid YouTuber in Ghana

Wode Maya has been the highest-paid content creator in Ghana, followed by Sweet Adjeley, based on their total views and subscribers as of 2022.

Does youtube pay through mobile money?

No! Youtube does not pay through Mobile Money. Payments are made to your bank account directly.

How much does YouTube pay for 1,000 views?

Based on expert calculations, one can earn between $0.30 and $5 per 1,000 views of their videos. While it is safe to assume that this number represents a $1 CPM, this can be higher in specific techniques.

Final Thought On How To Earn Money On Youtube In Ghana

Earning money on YouTube in Ghana requires patience, hard work, and dedication. As Content creators, your content should be high-value, build an audience, and monetize your channels to earn revenue. By exploring other revenue streams like sponsorships, merchandise, and donations, content creators can increase their income and turn their YouTube channels into profitable businesses.

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