Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Bolt driver pushes a lady from his car whilst fighting over 5 cedis


A customer is always right and needs to be treated respectfully. A video circulating on social media portrays the exact opposite.

Drivers of today have no diligence when it comes to the negotiations of transportation fares with their customers. Trotro drivers, as we all know have got fixed prices which also sometimes inflates and deflates per the economy, unlike our Uber, bolt, and other online vehicles who take their fares according to the length of the destination, whiles some of them go according to the rules, others intentionally take longer routes when they are being ordered before they reach the destination in the name of skipping the red light similar to what happened in this video.

In a trending video sighted by Extratrendsgh, a bolt driver pushed a lady (a customer) from his front seat, causing her to sustain injuries on her knees because of 5 cedis.

According to the lady, before ordering the ride from Dzorwulu to her destination Newtown, her fare was 19 cedis. After entering the car, the driver used the NY road, narrating what transpired, “I know the road he is using is too long and, it will affect the charges after I get to my destination but because the driver knew what he is about he asked me to shut up.” Responding to the lady’s accusations, the driver said: “Because you are a lady, you don’t know anything.” the lady prompted the driver for careless driving and unnecessary overtaking. I asked him to calm down”, the bolt driver responded with an insult.

Upon arriving at my destination, I asked for the charges, and the driver said 25 cedis. I told the driver, “I will pay 20 cedis because the NY road made their destination long.”

After taking the 20 cedis from me, the bolt driver asked me to get down from the car but, because I’m yet to get to my destination, I sat, only for bolt driver to continue with his reckless driving, when he got to a point He pushed me out of his car causing me to fall heavily by the roadside with injuries on my knees

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