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How To Get Free 500Mb From MTN Ghana For 6 months


Data is quite expensive in Ghana, and most people will want to find loopholes from the internet service providers to browse the internet for free. In this article, I will walk you through the steps to get free 500Mb from MTN Ghana for six months without paying anything. The below article is only for educational purposes. Do not abuse it.


  • Mtn Sim Card
  • Android Phone or Yam Phone

Disclaimer: Not all Android Phones will support this cheat so bear in mind.

How to get Free 500Mb from MTN Ghana for 6 months

Getting free 500Mb from MTN Ghana for 6 (six) months of data is simple and easy, and with this free browsing cheat, you don’t need any VPN to connect to this cheat. Follow the below guide on how to get free 500Mb from MTN Ghana.

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  1. On your mobile device, open messages and send Mb to 151

2. You will receive a message that the request was successfully received.

3. The next message will be a 500Mb reward for each month for 6 months. Welcome to the new world as you see in the below screenshot.


There are other options where you will need a VPN and file script to be able to connect and browse for free but with this “free 500Mb cheat from MTN Ghana for six months”, you don’t need any VPN. Don’t forget to share this article with friends and family. Cheers!

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