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How To Redeem a Vodafone Cash Voucher


If you are a Vodafone user but have not yet registered for Vodafone Cash, and money goes into the number, and don’t know how to withdraw? In about a few minutes, you will be able to learn how to redeem a Vodafone cash voucher, but before we move further : 

What is a Vodafone Cash Voucher? 

When a Vodafone Cash subscriber sends money to a non-Vodafone cash number, a voucher is given to the recipient to enable them to withdraw the money at an agent point.

How to find your Vodafone cash voucher 

Vodafone notifies the recipient of the voucher number and other pertinent information immediately following the sender’s transaction. Check your SMS to make sure. If not, contact Vodafone Ghana at 100 for help.

What is needed to redeem my voucher?

  • National identification card (Ghana Card)
  • Voucher details
  • Mobile phone

Steps to redeem your Vodafone cash voucher

  1. Take note of your voucher number and other information from the Vodafone SMS you received.
  2. Visit the nearest Mobile Money Agent who transacts Vodafone Cash or Vodafone retail shop.
  3. Ask them if you would want to redeem your Vodafone Cash Voucher.
  4. The agent will conduct the transaction after collecting the voucher’s information.
  5. You will receive money once the transaction goes through.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the voucher take?

It is valid for 30 days. After 30 days, Vodafone refunds the money to the sender.

Are there any charges for redeeming vouchers?

No, the sender has already borne the transfer charges. You don’t need to pay anything.

How do I reverse my Vodafone cash voucher?

The sender should call Vodafone customer care on 100 to initiate a reversal.

Can I redeem a Vodafone cash voucher on MTN?

No. Voucher redemption across networks is not possible yet.

Conclusion on how to redeem Vodafone cash vouchers

You must sign up for the Vodafone Cash service to prevent receiving cash on your Vodafone phone as a voucher. You can accomplish that by dialing *110# and registering as directed on the screen.

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