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How To Use Taxslayer To File Tax Return


As a taxpayer in the USA, filing tax returns correctly at an accurate time is very important. With the help of recent technology, you can now file your tax return online without stress. I am writing this article to help you with New Smart Tactics on How To Use Taxslayer To File Tax Returns in 2023.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an indebt article on this topic, and most of my readers need help understanding why there was no verification process. Yes! The method was written for those who work with fullz. Now, in this tutorial, You will learn how to taxslayer to file a tax return with for fast approval. 


  • In other to file our refund correctly, we need to meet the IRS demand, which is:
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Front and back of your Identification Card
  • Current Address
  • Text Now or Google Voice number
  • Create a separate email with the SSN details
  • Verified or whitehead for selfie verification
  • Good IP

How To Get IRS Pin On ID.ME

After getting all the necessary documents ensure you set up your IP address correctly and follow the guide below to file it accurately.

  1. Go to the IRS website,, click Sign in to Your Account and tap Sign into your online account.

2. Sign in to your account and verify all the necessary 2fa. (A code will be sent to the owner; get the code and use it to verify)

3. Next, locate the Adjusted Gross Income by selecting Tax Records, and click on it to see the information.

4. Click on Get An Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)

5. Click on Get an IP PIN and click on Continue; your 6-digit number will be displayed

How To Use Taxlyer To File A Tax Return

7. Go to and click on the file for free button.

8. And click on the Continue Button.

9. Next, check that I agree to the consent to use terms and enter the fullz name.

10. Do the same for this section and click on Continue.

11. Click on Continue with Simply Free

12. And then, click on Skip

13. Enter the owner details and click on continue.

14. Dependent or Qualifying Person (s) Choose No

15. Choose “Select my form”; you can upload or enter it usually; I choose it Manually

16. Other Income Reports Not Reported Elsewhere, Click on Begin.

17. Now, tap on the Begin button near the Less Common Income 

18. Enter $21578 as the amount of income 

19. Click on the help & support and type form 4136 or any form you got under your AGI, and click on it.

20. Click on Begin and start editing

21. Enter the figures as seen in the below screenshot.

22. Choose I do not wish to file my state return

23. Tap on the No Thanks

24. Click on E-file

25. File and Go 

26 Check the Yes, I’m done with my returns button and click continue.

27. Use the No Thanks button

28. Do the same for this section 

29. Click on Continue.

30. Choose “No” for the Affordable care act insurance 

31. Tap on the No Thanks

32. And click on Continue.

33. Enter the bank details you want to receive payment on and click on Continue, and that’s all.


Finally, this comprehensive guide on how to use Taxslayer to e-file your returns without difficulties has been of help to you. If you don’t have an or are using fullz, I recommend you use the previous method on regcollins. Let me have your feedback in the comment section if you face difficulties

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