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Zidisha Loan: A Step-by-Step Guide To Apply


In my blog post on the best Quick loans In Ghana Without Collateral, the feedback from my readers suggests that I do a walking guide on how to apply for a Zidisha loan. In this article, we will explore everything you know about Zidisha loans, from an overview of how to use them and the essentials of Zidisha.

A brief overview of Zidisha Loans

Zidisha is a peer-to-peer entity that gives out personal loans to borrowers through its website.

The platform connects borrowers instantly with financial institutions worldwide, letting people access affordable capital and lenders to earn a return on their investment.

You can get up to $700 from Zidisha depending on how much you need for your project, how compelling your project is, how on time you have paid your earlier loans, and how many people are interested in your project.

One exciting thing about Zidisha online loans is that there are no interest rates on the loan given to you.

Zidisha loans have a unique feature of not charging interest but imposing a 5% service charge on the amount you get. This charge covers the cost of transferring and administering the loan offered, helping borrowers secure favorable loan terms and lenders earn higher returns.

How Does Zidisha Work? 

Supposing you need a $600 loan to expand your business when you log on to the Zidisha platform, the system automatically pairs you with a financially sound person willing to give you the funds you seek. The money will be released to you. 

How Much Can I Get from a Zidisha Loan? 

Zidisha will give you a few credits as a first-time borrower to test your creditworthiness. When you repay on time, your borrowing limit increases. You can borrow up to $368558.26.

What are the fees and interest rates?

There are no interest costs on the Zidisha loan; instead, borrowers only pay a service fee of 5%, which covers the costs of transferring and administering the loan.

The system will ask you to pay an amount of $266 (the rate depends on your country) as a one-time membership fee if you still need an invitation from an existing Zidisha member. This usually is to pay for a credit bureau and background check.

Eligibility Criteria For A Zidisha Loan 

  • One needs a smartphone with internet connectivity.
  • A registered number in your name.
  • Must be a citizen of Indonesia, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania
  • Your valid National ID card.
  • Should be Eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  • Your business or Job should be Paying you well.

How To Apply For Zidisha Loan

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Apply Now, and it will redirect to the application page.
  3. Signup using your email address.
  4. Enter a registered Mobile Phone number and click “Next”.
  5. Fill complete the application form with all of your personal information, like your name, address, password, street, and home address.
  6. Click next.
  7. Respond to all questions answered.
  8. The system will submit for review and the cash will be directly paid into your wallet if you qualify.

Zidisha Loan Application Form

  1. Take a picture of the front and back view of your passport or Ecowas card and upload it on the ID verification page
  2. If you wish to receive large loans instantly, upload your bank statement for the past 30 days from your If not, skip the next step.
  3. Please write a short note about yourself, including your childhood, struggles, how you overcame them, your business, and what you intend to do to help society.
  4. Note about your sources of income.
  5. Answer questions regarding your weekly earnings pre-expenses and post-expenses.
  6. Type the amount of loan you want and how much you can pay weekly. Please make sure they are in line with your earnings.
  7. Pay your one-time membership fee.
  8. Review your loan amount and repayment plan.
  9. Clarify how you plan to use the loan.
  10. And, review your application and publish it.

Conclusion How To Apply for Zidisha Loan

Zidisha loans offer low-income borrowers an accessible and cheap way of financing their hopes and objectives. Zidisha is revolutionizing how people access credit and establishing a community of borrowers. Lenders united in their quest for financial well-being through a straightforward application procedure, fair loan terms, and an emphasis on social effect.

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