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NPP is a tribalist group of people leading the country – Kelvin Taylor 


USA-based Ghanaian broadcaster Kelvin Taylor and the CEO of Loud Silence TV have tagged the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as a tribalist group of people leading the country. In a Facebook write up the CEO of Loud Silence TV detailed how the NPP under the John Kufuor administration got away with a series of serious criminal conducts during their time in power.

According to Kelvin Taylor, the John Kufuor administration failed to investigate a series of corruption like how KT Hammond Sold Ghana’s drill ship and Kufuor himself bought a hotel and awarded himself with a Gold necklace among other crazy stuff never had the mileage they should have gotten for Ghanaians to know because most of the active radio stations at the time were equally set up by NPP tribal business owners because of their agenda against late Jerry Rawlings. In a Facebook post, the Ghanaian broadcaster wrote :

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“The NPP got away with a series of serious criminal conducts under John Kufuor as President.
Fortunately for them, the only means of information at the time were radio, Tv, and Newspapers.
So corrupt situations like Crazy KT Hammond Selling Ghana’s drill ship, the monies they blew on Ghana @50, Kufuor himself buying a hotel and awarding himself with a Gold necklace among other crazy stuff never had the mileage they should have gotten for Ghanaians to know because most of the active radio stations at the time were equally set up by NPP tribal business owners because of their agenda against late Jerry Rawlings.

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It took determination by the NDC to win the 2008 elections because there was a strong agenda to collapse the party by NPP and their media and make it another CPP as they did to Kwame Nkrumah.
When the NPP and its Akan Media surrogate realized they could not keep the NDC In opposition forever as many of their leading members kept saying and had wanted, they targeted Professor Mills, an accomplished educationist who was a mentor to most of the very people in the NPP who denigrated him.

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They were all out for the venerable man and a simple slip of the tongue in reading a speech became a national radio craze, with some Foolish musicians even jumping on it singing “Eco mini” all in an attempt to make the NDC inferior.
The very man they were ganging up against had his Ph.D. at age 27 and became a professor at an equally young age.
He lectured many people at the University including NPP leading executives who in return insulted him like he was some riff-raff.
In all of these, Akufo Addo was just a mere failed third-class graduate of Economics from the University of Ghana parading himself as a lawyer.

Akufo Addo was relentless in making sure he makes Professor Mills look stupid even though he comes nowhere close to Professor Mills in possession of home sense and knowledge in academia.
By calling him “Simpa Payin, Professor Do Little” against other vile and extreme derogatory remarks.
The media and the NPP were on Professor Mills till his death and even after his death they never allowed him to rest.
Then John Mahama took over after the sad demise of Professor Mills.

This rather infuriated the Akan-dominated Media and their NPP because to them, John Mahama’s tribe as a Gonja and someone who hails from the Northern part of Ghana makes him not fit for purpose to lead as President.
These are uncomfortable words, but I have to say them in these very plain words because it’s an absolute truth.
A well-orchestrated agenda was set in motion to pin everything bad under the NDC on John Mahama because he had used less than 6 months to campaign to beat their foolish Akufo Addo who had spent half of his active career at the time chasing to be President like his father.

The agenda was to make John Mahama’s administration ungovernable and truly they succeeded.
He was made to spend almost a year in court defending his victory in the 2012 elections.
Even at the time, life-changing projects were ongoing in various parts of the country including the Ashanti region where the majority of the aforementioned stupidity was hatched, which didn’t matter to them.

Between 2012-2016, a lot of Ghanaians were now realizing how powerful a tool social media could be.
Many didn’t rate social media at the time because the perception was that it was a place no serious stuff happens.
The skewed media and the NPP won by misinforming many Ghanaians and every promising thing ongoing between 2013-2016 when Mahama served as President, came to a halt after Akufo Addo won the 2016 elections.

But in 2017, when Akufo Addo became President something he had wished for all his life, the narrative changed.
Social media became an important avenue for people to keep track of what is happening around them and in the political space because many rational people came to realize that the very media houses they highly rated were a bunch of hungry sycophants who were placed at various locations to push a particular agenda.
It was through social media we got to know Akufo Addo was “Amonkye” vis-a-vis “Azuma blows”( Local Soap) clandestinely packed as Geisha for Ghanaians to buy.

We realized Akufo Addo began his administration by plagiarism a common speech.
For the many Akan-dominated media houses that used Professor Mill’s “Eco mini” as Jingles to have deliberately ignored what brought Ghana international shame as our President stealing speeches of American Presidents gave an impression of the task ahead.

Nobody had the right to critique Akufo Addo in the same measure they did to Professor Mills or Mahama.
Radio stations that were not in the hood books of Akufo Addo had to be shut down with Ahmed Suale of Tiger eye murdered in cold blood for doing his job as a journalist.
Akufo Addo has since become a god in the Ghanaian broadcast media space you dare not critique.
It’s either they play the age card or cry foul for people to respect the Presidency something they knew but failed to do because of tribalism.
The NPP only wanted power and in its attempt, they forgot the cardinal points of governance.
Almost every single thing clowns like Bawumia and Okpo-Tsi-Tsi Akufo Addo said in opposition has come to haunt them in power.

But because of how shallow their thinking has been all these years, they have failed to come to realize that the dynamics of News and information dissemination have changed.

They think we are still in the ages of 2000-2008 where they can pay radio stations not to do stories critical of their government or stop newspapers from carrying out exposure.

The NPP is going to lose power by every legitimate means come 2024 and that will be through the relentless efforts of myself and my team and all other single individual using social media to reach out to Ghanaians and open their eyes to the very important things the government want to keep away from their reach.
Their day of reckoning is on the way coming.

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