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Apps That Pay Through Mobile Money In Ghana


Job employment in Ghana has been one of the critical issues for the youth of this country as they go out to search for jobs, and only a few get the advantage of getting employment. Thanks to today’s digital age, smartphones have become essential tools for making money online daily. But did you know some apps will pay you for completing tasks? Even though these applications are not get-rich schemes, you can make some cool cash to buy internet bundles, Airtime, and some less expensive items. This post will list the top 8 apps that pay through mobile money in Ghana and how you can get started.

How You Can Get Started With Apps That Pay Through Mobile Money In Ghana

You only need a smartphone and a mobile money account to begin. Several mobile money providers in Ghana include MTN, AirtelTigo, and Vodafone. Once you have the requirements, you can download apps that pay through mobile money. Some popular apps include :

1. Toloka app 

Toloka app Toloka is an app that pays users for completing research surveys. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You need to download the app and create an account to start. Once your account is set up, you can browse the list of available surveys and select the ones you want to complete.

How Toloka Works

Choose a task, read the instructions, and start. Following the instructions carefully makes you more likely to do homework well. Some studies are available immediately, and some require that you pass training first. This will help you access the main project and complete the task correctly.

Toloka pays users in Ghana through Papara and Payoneer, which you can withdraw to Mobile Money. To receive payment, you must have a minimum of $20 Payoneer cashout and $0.05 from Papara. Once you have reached the minimum threshold, you can request a cashout by selecting your preferred option. The system will send payment to your account within a few days. You can download the Toloka app Here

2. Buy and Sell On Yellow card

A cryptocurrency platform where you buy or sell supported cryptocurrencies (BTC, eth usdt, etc.) with your local currency. We serve as a partner that gives you a secure cryptocurrency account where you can send, receive, and save your investments.

You need a yellow card account to get your crypto wallet. Once your account is ready, you will be offered a smooth and safe process to send and receive money worldwide through the platform.

3. Complete Tasks On Chipper cash

This app helps you to send, make payments, receive money, or create a merchant account in some part of the world (Nigeria, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ghana, South Africa, etc.). 

You don’t need any investments like the other apps to make money with chipper cash. All you have to do is complete a task using Chipper cash, and you will earn up to 20.00 GHS daily, and the money made on this app goes directly into your Momo account.

You must create a Chipper cash account, use it for all your money transactions, and refer your friends to download the app using your link.

You start earning your money after they have downloaded the app using your referral link. So simple. You can learn more about creating a Chipper cash account by clicking here.

4. Earn Cash With Tiktok 

I know some of you will be wondering. Why TikTok is on the list. Yes, It is here because it has slowly developed itself from a just-for-fun app to a professional app.

TikTok was once an app for fun purposes, but right now, it is rated as the 6th most used social media app and is paying billions of cedis to its popular or star-rated users.

To make money on this platform, you must be above 16 years of age with over 10,000 followers and 100,000 views over the last 30 to 60 days. Then you can apply the Creator-fund in the app.

Just like other professional jobs, The system also requires a level of creativity. There are many ways to make money on the app. Let’s take a look at some of the procedures and how your account can start its monetization stage:

Partnership with a trusted brand: When you reach your required stage to start making money on TikTok, the system allows you to build a partnership with all kinds of brands. The system will pay you once you reach an agreement with them.

Create a few non-sponsored posts for yourself; no one or no brand will notice you if you don’t advertise yourself. You have to do something creative for you to be able to gain sponsors and get the attention of the public.

Creativity on your account page allows you to follow the trends and make live videos with good ideas. This format calls out the big companies or influential personalities to recommend you to others.

Being a creative content Creator, I keep hitting on the word creative because no one loves a dull teacher or a boring subject. But, when your content is always creative, you get to interact with new people every day, and meeting new people every day means getting new followers every day.

Some people have taken TikTok as their daily job while others have a side job depending on how seriously you want to earn money with TikTok.

5. Trade on Binance

You must be wondering what Binance is and how to earn money. Continue reading this article to learn more. Binance is an online trade where you exchange cryptocurrencies without needing a third party. It also serves as an online wallet for online traders to be able to save their funds.

Binance helps its users to save time and more work when earning with it.

There are a lot of ways to earn money with Binance. Below are steps by which one can make money on Binance:

Flexible savings: this step requires gaining additional rewards when you keep funds in your Binance wallet (when you invest any amount). It also allows you to withdraw your money anytime you feel like doing so. With this method, you earn extra interest on your invested funds in the Binance wallet.

The locked savings: this step is quite similar to the flexible savings. This type offers higher interest but can be frozen for 7 to 90 days, during which funds cannot be accessed.

Activities: these are special offers available for a given period. Trading under activities gives out more profit than the lock-saving. One has to look out for opportunities to get the chance.

Launchpool: This platform is where users mine initiated tokens after an exchange. You can invest in the pool to deposit new tokens ( financing your launch). The most exciting part of this method is that you can control and withdraw from your account whenever your asset is blocked. These and many more are ways one can earn money with Binance.


WowApp offers a range of activities through which users can earn money. Users can participate in paid surveys, watch videos, play games, and shop online to accumulate earnings. The app’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users to navigate different earning opportunities. Users can complete these tasks to get WowCoins, the virtual currency used within the app. These WowCoins can then be converted into real money and transferred to the user’s mobile money account, providing a convenient and secure way to receive payments.

One of the standout features of WowApp is its commitment to social impact, the “Earnings for a Cause” feature, where users can donate a portion or all of their earnings to charitable organizations. This socially responsible approach sets WowApp apart from other apps in the market and allows users to contribute to meaningful causes while earning money. This aspect has resonated well with users in Ghana who value giving back to their communities.

7. Bitcoins Blast app 

I recently discovered a new app called Bitcoins Blast, and it’s pretty cool. It allows you to earn bitcoins by playing games and completing various tasks. You can get the app on the Play Store. Bitcoins Blast has a user-friendly interface.

I love how they have a leaderboard to see how you stack up against other users. The app also offers daily bonuses, which is a nice touch. Overall, if you want to earn bitcoins in a fun and engaging way, I recommend giving Bitcoins Blast a try. You can trade the Bitcoin payout on Binance for mobile money in Ghana.


Apps that pay through mobile money in Ghana, It is a popular choice among users. CashKarma is a rewards app that allows Ghanaians to earn money through various activities. These points can then be converted into real money and transferred directly to the user’s mobile money account, making it a convenient option for earning extra income.

CashKarma stands out for its swift payment process and reliable customer support. The app ensures users receive their earnings promptly and assists with any issues or concerns. This level of responsiveness has earned CashKarma a loyal user base in Ghana, as users appreciate the transparency and efficiency of the payment system. With CashKarma, Ghanaians can confidently engage in various earning activities and enjoy the convenience of receiving payments through their mobile money accounts.

Additionally, CashKarma offers additional ways for users to boost their earnings. The app provides referral programs that reward users for inviting friends and family to join. This incentivized sharing encourages users to spread the word about CashKarma while allowing them to earn even more money. These referral rewards can be an attractive incentive for Ghanaians looking for apps that pay through mobile money and offer avenues for increased earnings.


If you are looking for a reliable app to make money on, then all the apps listed above make their payments through mobile money. These self-tested and secure apps can pay through Mobile Money In Ghana. You can arrange these apps with Zintego to organize them in a stand-out template.

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